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To-Go Packaging

To-Go Packaging
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To-Go Packaging

In the age of to-go and delivery, packaging is also gaining in importance. On the one hand, the packaging should be appealing, on the other hand, the focus is increasingly on sustainability and waste avoidance. We offer you packaging solutions made of paper in a wide range of variants and qualities. Paper has many advantages over cardboard and cartons. Paper requires significantly less storage volume and costs a fraction of comparable cardboard variants. We offer wrapping paper for burgers, wraps and the like as well as paper for butchery and delicatessen needs. In addition, we offer you the optimal delivery packaging with our easiBag. There your delicacies are well stowed away.

Most papers and cardboard boxes are coated with a PE layer and are therefore not easily recyclable. We offer wrapping paper made of environmentally friendly parchment substitute paper. This is greaseproof due to a natural treatment and does not let your food lose its freshness.


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