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The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) organisation has set itself the task of ensuring sustainable forestry. For this purpose, the forests to be cleared must be managed in accordance with strict ecological and social principles in order to guarantee the long-term existence of these forests. The FSC Printing and Paper Sector Committee certifies manufacturers and printers in Germany who use paper from sustainably managed forests. Only these companies are then allowed to display the FSC label, thereby guaranteeing their commitment to the preservation of our forests. We at Schröder Designverpackung GmbH are FSC certified.


Schröder Design Verpackung GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001. We have a quality management system that is holistically geared towards the satisfaction of our customers. The challenges in the field of flexible packaging are constantly changing. Our aim is to meet these challenges. This requires an adaptability of the company to changes as well as a regulated structure and process organisation. This adaptability and regulated organisations guarantee our customers innovative products and packaging solutions in connection with the fulfilment of official standards and specifications.


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