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NEW: easiBAG

The new paper bag

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Schröder 2022

EasiBAG, the modern paper bag.

EasiBag, the modern paper bag. It sets you apart from the competition. Because easiBag is not only environmentally friendly, it also stands out.
The special design attracts the attention of your customers... and those who want to become one. EasiBag is a novelty on the flexible packaging market.
The shape of the bag is strongly reminiscent of the classic foil bags. But easiBag is made of 100% paper and is completely recyclable. The name is derived from the terms easy, affordable, sustainable and innovative.

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Paper Carrier bags

Paper carrier bags are sustainable, recyclable and an ideal advertising medium for your brand. We can provide you with various models of paper bags individually printed for you.


Shipping bags

With easiMailer, mailing bags made of film are a thing of the past, because this mailing packaging combines the advantages of film mailing bags with the environmental friendliness of paper.


Service Packaging

We produce packaging solutions for bakeries, delicatessens, florists and many more. Service packaging should not only be functional and sustainable, but also beautiful.


Vending machine packaging

Films and papers are indispensable in industrial applications. All vending machine packaging is produced from high-quality raw materials and printed at our company.


Packaging papers

With custom printed packaging papers, your products are wrapped stylishly and securely, while also supporting your brand's image and reach.



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